Which of these installation methods do you like best for Linear LED Light Fixture?

Comled Technology is a professional manufacturer of LED linear lighting fixtures with a 12 year history of production and design. The LED linear lamps they produce have a common advantage of being easy to install and maintain. Below is a brief introduction to several LED linear luminaire and their installation methods:

  1. Iron bracket led liner luminaire with small fixed separateplate.

This led liner luminaire has a small fixed separate plate design and safety hooks design, which makes installation convenient, fast, and safe. When installing, you can first fix this small fixed separate plate to the ceiling or wall, then use safety hooks to hook the lamp body, connect the wire to the huge terminal block on the small fixed separate plate, and then lift and slide the lamp body to connect to the small fixed separate plate.

  1. LED Linear Fixture with sliding installation design on the base.

This LED Linear Fixture adopts a stainless steel base with a white coating, and a sliding design is used between the base and bracket. When installing, first fix the stainless steel base to the ceiling or wall, and then use safety hooks to hook the bracket. After connecting the wires, slide the bracket and base together to secure them.

  1. LED Batten Light with buckle installation.

This LED Batten Light adopts a PC base and PC diffuser, and the base is designed with PC clips, which allows for quick installation and disassemble between the diffuser and the base. This type of LED Batten Light needs to first fix the PC base to the ceiling or wall, then hook the bracket with safety hooks. After the wire is connected, use the aircraft buckle to fix the bracket with the base, and finally use the PC clip on the base to fix the diffuser on the base.

  1. LED linear lightswith installation lockers.

This LED linear light has a small locker design that allows for quick installation and replacement. When installing, simply fix two screws on the ceiling or wall, connect the wires, and then lock the small stainless steel locks on the LED linear light base onto the screws.

These installation methods each have their own convenience, which one do you prefer?

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