What is the function of the diffuser of LED linear fixture?

The diffuser of led linear fixture is a type of LED accessory. The diffuser of LED strip linear fixture is generally made of transparent or semi transparent materials, such as plastic, glass, and acrylic. It is to better gather light, make it more concentrated and softer, and avoid direct glare from LED batten lighting fixture.

The design of led batten lamps diffuser can be selected based on personal preferences and practical application scenarios, generally divided into the following types:

  1. Direct astigmatic diffuser: The diffuser of linear LED Light Fixture has high transparency and can directly emit LED light, providing a bright lighting effect.
  2. Panel type diffuser: It is made by splicing multiple transparent or semi transparent materials, which can increase the layering and aesthetics of the light.
  3. Diffusion type diffuser: The interior of the diffuseradopts a diffusion plate or uneven design, which can make the LEDbatten lamps more evenly emitted and avoid uneven lighting.
  4. Spotlight diffuser: The interior of the linear LED light fixture diffuseris designed with a reflector or condenser, which can concentrate the LED light in a certain direction or area, providing a spotlight effect.
  5. Dimming diffuser: The interior of theledlinear fixture diffuser adopts an adjustable transparency or color design, which can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light according to needs, providing more lighting effect options. Regardless of the type of diffuser, it is necessary to ensure that its material has a certain degree of heat resistance and light resistance, to ensure that it will not deform or be damaged after long-term use, and to match the size of the LED batten lighting lamps tube for installation and fixation


As is well known, among the structural components that make up LED linear fixtures, diffuser hold a weightlifting position. Firstly, the diffuser affects the luminous efficiency of the led batten lamps, and the luminous angle, transmittance, and reflectivity of the diffuser all affect the luminous efficiency of the Linear LED Light Fixture. Secondly, the diffuser also play an important protective role, and high-quality diffuser have a good level of protection. For example, IP65 refers to the dust-proof and waterproof level, which can effectively protect the internal structure of the lamp body and also improve the service life of the led batten lamp. So, the diffuser has a certain impact on the performance of the entire LED batten lamps. The LED linear fixtures and PC diffuser used in Comled Technology are all high-quality diffuser, which are dust-proof, waterproof, UV resistant, and also have impact resistance.

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