What is a linkable LED linear lamps and what are its advantages?

LED linear lamps that can be connected in series refer to a specially designed LED linear lamps that has specific electrical and physical characteristics and can easily connect multiple LED linear lamps through series connection. Connect multiple LED linear lamps together through wires to form a series connected circuit. In this way, one power supply can simultaneously drive multiple LED linear luminaire, achieving one-time control of multiple lights on and off. This design allows multiple LED linear luminaire to work through shared power and current, achieving more flexible and convenient installation and layout. LED linear luminaire that can be connected in series are widely used in lighting decoration, industrial lighting, and commercial displays, and can easily connect and control multiple lights according to needs. It greatly simplifies the wiring steps and makes installation more convenient.

Some advantages of led linear lights linkable connection include:

  1. Power saving: Linkable wiring, led linear lights share the same current, so the total power of the entire circuit is lower than the total power of led linear lights in parallel wiring. This can reduce the power consumption and usage cost of the power supply.
  2. Stable brightness: Due to the shared current of the led linear luminaire in linkable connection, they maintain consistency in brightness. Even if one of the led linear luminaire fails, the other lights can continue to work without affecting the overall brightness.
  3. Simplified circuit: Linkable wiring, only one current limiting resistor is usually required, which simplifies the design and connection of the circuit. And the led linear luminaire in linkable connection can be directly connected in series as needed, without the need for additional connectors or accessories.
  4. Lighting effect: Tandem wiring can produce continuous lighting effects. For example, in a Christmas light string, led linear luminaire can be linkable connected to create flowing, flashing, or breathing light effects, giving people visual pleasure and attraction.

Overall, led linear luminaire linkable wiring can provide advantages such as energy conservation, stable brightness, simplified circuits, and diverse lighting effects, making it widely used in lighting decoration and lighting applications.

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