What are LED Waterproof Lights? A guide to using them in the parking lot

underground parking lots batten light

What are LED Waterproof Lights

LED waterproof lamps are LED fixtures specifically designed to resist water intrusion, and they are able to operate safely in environments that are wet or in direct contact with water. These fixtures protect the electronic components inside from moisture damage by using special waterproofing techniques and materials such as seals, potting compounds, and waterproof housing designs. These luminaires are usually rated for their waterproofing capability. The waterproofing performance of waterproof luminaires is usually rated by the International Protection Class IP (Ingress Protection). For example, an IP68 rating means that the luminaire is completely protected from dust and can be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

underground parking lots batten light


What is a waterproof IP rating

The IP rating consists of two digits. The first digit indicates the dust protection rating and the second digit indicates the waterproof rating. For example, IP65 rated fixtures are completely protected from dust and can resist water flow from any direction, even if the fixture is inverted; there are also IP65, IP67, or IP68, the higher the number, the higher the waterproof capability of the LED waterproof light. These ratings indicate the degree of protection of the lamps against solid foreign objects and liquids.

Specific IP rating waterproof ability:

IP65: protects against water spray from all directions, but is not suitable for long-term immersion underwater.
IP66: Protects against large waves and is suitable for installation on decks, but again is not suitable for prolonged immersion under water.
IP67: Can be briefly immersed in water, suitable for short periods of immersion, but not suitable for long periods of time underwater.
IP68: can be completely submerged underwater for a long time, suitable for deep water environment, is the highest level of waterproof grade.

LED waterproof light in the parking lot to assume the role of

1. Resistance to harsh environments: parking lot environment is complex, may encounter rain, snow, freezing and other inclement weather, LED waterproof lights are suitable for work in these environments, not easy to be damaged.

2. Extend the service life: As the LED waterproof light has good waterproof performance, through a series of IP waterproof grade test, it can effectively prevent moisture and dust from entering the interior of the lamps and lanterns, so as to extend the service life of the lamps and lanterns.

3. Improve safety: waterproof lights in addition to moisture and corrosion characteristics, but also has a high strength impact resistance, can prevent fire and other safety accidents caused by external impact or lamp failure, especially in parking lots such as crowded places, to provide a good guarantee of security lighting.

4. Convenient maintenance: Due to the waterproof and anti-impact performance design of the LED waterproof light, which reduces the maintenance cycle or easy maintenance, reduces the maintenance cost and workload, improves the operational efficiency.

5. Strong adaptability: LED waterproof to adapt to a variety of complex and harsh lighting environments, but also to adapt to different installation environments and needs, both indoor and outdoor, can provide stable lighting effect.

LED waterproof light in the parking lot use guide

When using waterproof lights in parking lots, the following factors should be considered:

1. Choose the waterproof level of the lamps: according to the specific environment of the parking lot, choose the appropriate waterproof level. If the parking lot is subject to frequent rainfall, choose a luminaire with at least IP65 rating. If the parking lot is close to a water source or may accumulate water, choose a higher level of waterproof grade, such as IP67 or IP68. higher values, they have a stronger waterproof ability.

2. Determine the luminous efficacy level and color temperature: Consider the size, height, frequency of use and security requirements of the parking lot. Determine the average illumination level required. The larger the area, the more illuminance and color temperature is considered to increase. Color temperatures between 3000K and 6000K are suitable. This ensures sufficient brightness, but also not harsh.

3. Installation location planning: combined with the characteristics of the garage area lighting needs, lamps and lanterns should be installed to avoid direct contact with moisture, as well as to consider avoiding the intersection of the circuit lines and vehicles through the obstruction, should be selected in the high or away from the ground to install the location of the proposed height of more than 5 meters. To reduce the chance of moisture contact. Comprehensive consideration of site lighting and safe operating environment. The installation process to ensure that professionals operate.

4. Select intelligent control: Consider using intelligent control systems, such as: motion sensors, light-sensitive sensing, infrared sensing, and also consider dimming functions and timing controllers to achieve on-demand lighting and further improve energy efficiency and safety.

5. Maintenance and Inspection: Regularly check the waterproof performance of the lamps to ensure that there are no cracks or damaged parts. If any problems are found, the luminaire should be repaired or replaced promptly to maintain its waterproof performance.

6. Code Compliance: Final Considerations for Code Compliance: Ensure that the lighting system complies with local building code safety standards.


Therefore, the choice of LED waterproof lights in underground parking lots is very critical. A waterproof light is a type of LED fixture designed for use in wet or direct contact with water environments. It protects the internal electronic components from moisture damage through special design and materials. In parking lots, LED waterproof lamps undertake all-weather lighting projects in parking lots due to their comprehensive good design of weather resistance, long life, high safety and easy maintenance.



1.What type of LED waterproof light is most suitable for parking lot?

The selection of LED waterproof parking lot lights depends on the actual functional scenarios. Usually, LED floodlights provide a wide range of lighting and are suitable for large areas; LED downlights and triple-proof lights are waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-resistant; ELD high ceiling lights are suitable for parking lots with high ceilings; and LED sensor lights are very intelligent and can turn on and off the lights automatically according to the movement of vehicles or pedestrians, further saving energy.

2. How much brightness do I need for LED waterproof lights for parking lot?

For parking lots, usually 20-30 lumens (lm) per square meter are needed. The specific requirement depends on the size and layout of the parking lot. Ensure that the light source is evenly distributed with no dark areas to improve safety and visibility. Before installation, it is recommended to carry out on-site measurement and planning to determine the optimal lighting brightness.

3. Can LED waterproof lights work well in adverse weather conditions?

Yes, LED waterproof lights are designed for outdoor environments and can work well in harsh conditions such as rain, snow, cold and high temperature. Its waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof performance ensures reliability in different weather conditions. Choosing IP65 or higher rated fixtures can provide better protection.

4. Will the LED waterproof lights affect the camera surveillance in the parking lot?

No. The light from LED waterproof lights is stable and will not flicker or interfere with cameras. On the contrary, the high quality of LED lighting can improve the imaging effect of the camera and enhance the security and surveillance ability of the parking lot.

5. Will LED waterproof lights generate high temperature?

LED lamps generate less heat than ordinary lamps. LED lamps convert about 80%-90% of electrical energy into light energy, so only 10%-20% is converted into heat energy. This not only improves the safety of the lamps, but also extends their service life.

6. How to choose the right LED waterproof lights?

Choose the appropriate power, brightness and IP rating according to the specific needs of the parking lot. Consider the installation location, light range and usage environment. Choose products that have passed professional certification to ensure performance and longevity. For example: CE, ROHS product certification. In addition, you can refer to check the user reviews and professional evaluation is also an important reference for selection.

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