Underground Parking Lot Lighting Standards: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Safety and Visibility

Underground parking lot lighting system renovation

In modern cities, underground parking lots serve as indispensable infrastructure, and their lighting design plays a crucial role. It not only affects user experience but is also directly related to safety and visibility, ensuring smooth passage for pedestrians and vehicles. This article will delve into the lighting standards of underground parking lots, dissecting the considerations and best practices behind them.

Multidimensional Considerations of Lighting Standards

The minimum illuminance requirements of underground parking lots are influenced by several factors:
Safety Standards: The primary task is to ensure that all areas achieve sufficient brightness to prevent accidents.
Layout and Structure: The physical layout of the parking lot, such as columns and ramps, affects light distribution, reducing visual blind spots.
Types of Activities: Pedestrian density, traffic flow, and specific activity patterns determine the intensity of illumination.

Basic Illuminance Requirements

Generally, the recommended range for the minimum illuminance in underground parking lots is 20 to 50 lux. This standard ensures basic safety and visibility requirements, enabling drivers and pedestrians to clearly discern their surroundings.

Advanced Lighting Requirements

For special areas or zones with frequent activities, such as walkways, vehicle intersections, or ramps, it is recommended to increase the illuminance to 75 to 150 lux or higher. This is aimed at further enhancing visual clarity, ensuring the timely identification of obstacles, and improving safety.

Precision Lighting Design

Professional Calculations: Based on the parking lot’s spatial dimensions, structural features, obstacle positions, and compliance with relevant regulations and design standards.
Energy Efficiency Considerations: Utilizing LED lighting technology and smart control systems to achieve the dual goals of high efficiency and environmental friendliness.


The lighting design of underground parking lots is a complex decision-making process that integrates considerations of safety, efficiency, and environmental compatibility. Through scientifically sound lighting layouts and illuminance settings, not only is public safety and convenience ensured, but resource efficiency is also promoted, adding a layer of security and comfort to urban life. The correct lighting strategy is the key to creating a modern, user-friendly underground parking environment.

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