Six Lighting Designs to Make Your Home Premium, Did You Learn Them?

this is an application effect display picture of bedroom LED batten lighting design.

With the modernization and development of society, the standard of living has improved, and people are pursuing a higher quality experience for their home decoration. Modern house decoration, focusing more and more on the combination of functionality and aesthetics of the space. In terms of emotional needs, more and more focus on the sense of space and atmosphere. The pursuit of simple, practical, artistic design. The clever design of the lighting layout is not only the key to creating an atmosphere, but also an important element to enhance the texture of the space.

Reasonable layout and collocation of lighting can make the whole home environment more advanced and fashionable. Lighting is no longer a single provide lighting function, but to create a family color light atmosphere of the key role. LED Light Fixture fixtures because of its high efficiency brightness, green energy saving, diversified design and intelligent control and other characteristics, is replacing the traditional lighting fixtures to become a modern house lighting design of the mainstream lighting, to meet the diversified needs of modern families on the light.

this is an application effect display picture of bedroom LED batten lighting design.


The Role of LED Lighting Fixture in Modern Decoration

LED Lighting Fixture plays a vital role in modern house decoration, LED lights not only provide a lighting source, but also through its own: different color temperature, brightness and color matching and other superior performance, to create a different lighting atmosphere and style. LED Lighting Fixture’s design is flexible and changeable, can be installed in a variety of forms such as recessed, ceiling, wall, track, etc., to harmonize with the style of indoor decoration, enhance the sense of space hierarchy and artistic effect. Layers of space and artistic effect. In this article, we will share with you the LED lighting design layout of six common spaces in the family house, so that you can understand how to create a sophisticated and high-level sense of housing lighting design!

1. Living room

The living room is the core area of the family’s activities, in order to reflect the spatial sense of the living room large area, lighting design should be: functional use + create an atmosphere as the tone. The use of layered lighting design, modern minimalist style living room lighting design. Medium-sized living room pick ceiling lights as the main lighting, installed in the center of the living room, with wall lamps and floor lamps as auxiliary lighting, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. If the space is large, the central position can consider the use of multi-level chandeliers or downlights, as well as hidden LED Linear Strip Fixture, the matching of these lights to enhance the three-dimensional sense of space and visual effect.

lighting layout features:

(1) LED chandelier: installed in the center of the living room, the chandelier has an atmosphere, strong light effect brightness, wide lighting area and other characteristics.

(2)LED downlight: LED downlight embedded around the ceiling to provide auxiliary lighting, avoid shadows, and increase the sense of space hierarchy.

(3)LED strip light: Install LED strip light in the recess of the ceiling to create a soft indirect lighting effect and enhance the sense of high class in the living room.

Experience: After a busy day, when you come home from work, press the living room lighting switch, the sofa is illuminated by the strip light on the background wall highlights the outline, the soft light of the strip creates a comfortable and gentle atmosphere. The warm color of the light creates a cozy feeling, making people feel relaxed and comfortable in the living room. You have just finished working, lying on the sofa with your family, enjoying the quiet and restful lighting atmosphere. Because of the adjustable light LED lights, children occasionally play, pleasant laughter and action figures, in the living room, show vivid and lively. When quiet, LED strip light will not bring mental tension because of the lamps and lanterns direct light. The pressure and fatigue of the day is released, spend a good night time.

2.Dining room

Dining room as a diet dining area, lighting design focus tends to highlight the food, usually using downlights or chandeliers as the main lighting, to create a cozy dining environment. Can also be installed above the dining table dimming function of the lamps and lanterns, in order to adjust the brightness of the light according to different dining needs. Chandeliers and light strips are the main elements of dining room lighting design.

lighting design features:

(1) Dining table chandelier: a linear chandelier or multi-head chandelier should be selected and installed directly above the dining table to ensure that the lighting is focused on the dining area. The height of the chandelier should be maintained at a distance of about 75-90 centimeters from the tabletop, which can avoid blinding light.

(2) Sideboard lighting: Install recessed LED lights or light strips above the sideboard to highlight the display of tableware or decorations and increase the level and beauty of the space.

Dining room feeling: embedded LED lights or light strips above the sideboard, together with the main light source chandelier, not only provide different levels of lighting, but also subtly highlight the beauty of tableware and decorations, adding a touch of art. These lights seem to be the colorist of the space, accentuating the rich dining light with a delicate halo, allowing one to enjoy the food while indulging in an elegant mood. It’s really full of experience and atmosphere! Whether it’s a family dinner or a friend’s drink, the food on the table, in the chandelier’s light focus, true to the original color of a variety of fresh dishes, vivid and full. Before each meal, have increased your appetite, such a lighting layout can make people feel relaxed and happy, enhance the overall dining satisfaction.

3. Kitchen

Kitchen is a place to make food, worktop lighting and overall lighting is the focus of kitchen lighting design. Kitchen lighting design needs to take into account the convenience and safety of operation. Kitchen bright lighting to ensure the brightness and safety of the work area. LED strips can be installed underneath the hanging cabinets to provide adequate work lighting. At the same time, taking into account the special characteristics of the kitchen, you need to choose waterproof, grease-proof lamps and fixtures, as well as long-term durability, which is undoubtedly the choice of LED lamps and lanterns.

Lighting specific scene design:

(1) Worktop lighting: install LED strip or strip light under the hanging cabinet to directly illuminate the worktop for easy cooking and cleaning.

(2) Overall lighting: Install recessed LED downlights on the kitchen ceiling to provide even overall lighting and ensure a bright kitchen with no dark corners.

(3) Cabinet interior lighting: Installing LED strips inside the cabinets makes it easy to find and access items while enhancing the modern feel of the kitchen.

Kitchen Feel: LED strip light or LED Batten light installed underneath the hanging cabinets. the LED light has a high waterproof and moisture resistant rating capability. this design ensures that the worktops are adequately and uniformly illuminated, which greatly reduces the risk of cutting due to insufficient light, and at the same time, makes cleaning much easier. The LED strip lights fitted underneath the worktop ensure that when you’re busy cooking, the light is precisely focused on the chopping board and ingredients, ensuring accurate cutting and handling of food. Hidden inside the cabinets are LED strips that act as cabinet butlers, automatically lighting up every time you open the cabinet doors and turning off the lights when you close them. Looking up at the kitchen ceiling, recessed LED downlights are evenly spaced to light up the entire space. These designer LED lights add a touch of warm light color to this smoky space, making the kitchen more lively and energetic! The lighting design of the kitchen fully reflects the convenient needs and practical functions of modern life.

4. Bedroom

Bedroom is the final resting place at the end of people’s activities, at this time the bedroom lighting design should focus on comfort and quiet atmosphere, bedside lighting, ambient lighting and main lighting is the main element of bedroom lighting design. Focus on relaxation and rest as the focus, then you can use soft ceiling lights as the basic lighting, with bedside lamps or wall lamps as reading lighting. The color temperature of the lighting in the bedroom should be on the warm side to promote sleep.

Area lighting design features:

(1) Bedside lighting: Install wall lamps or chandeliers on both sides of the bed to provide reading lighting while keeping the bedside neat and beautiful.

(2)Ambient lighting: Install LED strip lights at the bottom of the bed or behind the headboard to create soft indirect lighting and enhance the comfort of the bedroom.

(3)Main Lighting:Install the main lamp with dimming function in the bedroom to meet the lighting needs of different usage scenarios and create multi-layered light and shadow effects.

Bedroom Feeling:The wall lamps or chandeliers on both sides of the bed are like a night reading companion for us, they provide just the right amount of lighting, so that when we are reading or relaxing, we can be accompanied by the right amount of light The ambient LED light strips at the bottom of the bed or at the back of the headboard are like a piece of soft starlight, they emit a warm glow and create a relaxing indirect lighting effect. Together with the main lighting LEDs intelligently adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light to create a multi-layered light effect. The lighting design of the bedroom is like an attentive night watchman. It creates a peaceful rest space for us with soft light. Under such light, we can feel a kind of tranquility and peace of mind, so that the fatigue of the body is completely relaxed, and promote our sleep quality.

5. Bathroom

Mirror lighting, overall lighting and ambient lighting are the main elements of bathroom lighting design. Bathroom lighting design in addition to consider the lighting function and scene items coordinated aesthetics, lighting waterproof and moisture-proof needs is the key. With the latest Ceiling Tri Proof LED Batten Lamp, it is a direct solution to your troubles and worries.LED Waterproof Fixtures and downlights are used as the main lighting, with wall lamps or mirror front lamps as the local lighting to meet the needs of washing and make-up.

lighting layout features:

(1) Mirror front lighting: install LED mirror front lights on both sides or above the bathroom mirror to provide even facial lighting for washing and makeup.

(2)Overall lighting: install waterproof LED downlights on the bathroom ceiling to ensure the overall brightness of the bathroom and enhance the cleanliness of the space.

(3) Ambient lighting: Install waterproof LED strip lights around or under the bathtub to create a romantic atmosphere and increase the comfort of the bathroom.

Lighting design feeling: LED mirror front light installed on both sides or above the bathroom mirror, when we need to wash and clean and make up, do not have to be in trouble with the lack of light, and can not see, LED mirror front light for the Lord to provide efficient and uniform light, so that you stand in front of a clear and obvious to see the details, we can be more comfortable to organize and dress up their own, and confidently face themselves, show the best state. Waterproof LED downlight on the ceiling of the bathroom, irradiating the whole area, we can more easily complete the cleaning of the bathroom. And the waterproof LED Linear Strip Fixture installed around or under the bathtub is like a romantic starry sky, they emit a soft glow, creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Let the body and mind get completely relaxed and soothed. It makes our daily activities such as washing, make-up and bath more comfortable and pleasant. In such a light, we can enjoy the process of bathroom bathing.

6. Study office area

Finally, the study as the main area of work and office, for all of us is a more important place, but also the most can reflect the personal style and taste of the place. Carefully designed lighting tone of the study, can let you experience having a large public library in general exquisite style, advanced atmosphere. Office and reading can use ceiling lamps or downlights as the basic lighting, with desktop lamps or bookshelf lights as local lighting to reduce eye fatigue. Desktop lighting, bookshelf lighting and overall lighting is the focus of the study lighting design.

Lighting layout design:

(1) Desktop office area: the desktop is the area for reading and office work, you can install LED desk lamps or strip lights, you can also choose to install intelligent LED desk lamps with paper shades, and the new paper shade LED desk lamps, which emit delicate and soft light to reduce eye fatigue, and make the work efficiency become long-lasting and efficient.

(2)Bookshelf exhibition area: install LED Linear Strip Fixture above or inside the bookshelf to provide a clear view of the reading area and make it easy to find books.

(3) Study Lighting Area: Finally, recessed LED downlights are installed on the ceiling of the study to provide even overall lighting and ensure a bright and comfortable working environment.

Area lighting layout features:

(1) desktop office area: is the main place to read and work, here light layout I recommend you: the table can put a portable paper cover LED desk lamp. The appearance is cone or column shape. You can choose a neutral color (3500K-4500K) interval color temperature table lamp, this color temperature light close to natural light, can provide clear lighting. Room, desk and table lamps, three in one, paper cover lamps and the overall style of the study more with the overall style of the study, so that the study and work environment more artistic flavor. In addition, you can also set up a LED floor lamp with adjustable color temperature next to the desk and use it alternately. This way you can adjust the light according to the activity and time of day. For example, use cooler light during the day or when you need to concentrate, and switch to warmer light at night to aid relaxation – ideal for a cozy reading area.

(2) Bookshelf display area: Lighting for bookshelf display areas focuses on highlighting books and decorative items while creating an appealing visual effect. The bookshelf area can choose neutral warm colors (3000K-4000K) This color temperature provides enough brightness while favoring warm color temperatures, so the lighting environment is very soft and can create a warm atmosphere. This light perfectly balances comfort and clarity. Setting a soft backlight or metering behind the bookshelf makes books and shelves look more attractive. Use LED Linear Strip Fixture or directional spotlights to highlight specific items on each shelf level and avoid shadows and glare. Enhance depth and focal points to give your bookshelves a more cultural and artistic atmosphere.

(3) Overall Study Lighting: Overall ambient lighting for the study can be installed with ceiling lights or bulkhead light, using neutral white light (4000K-5000K), which primarily provides an overall high-definition light that gives an energizing feeling. Use a combination of table and floor lamps for task lighting, especially in reading and work areas where more focused light is needed. Break up the monotony of a traditional study by setting up different areas that don’t allow for light, or avoid filling the study with lots of display items. People, lights, books and room, the overall appearance of more harmonious, more advanced study. The right lighting setup elevates your study experience to a higher specification. Both have the small study of a high-end library. It also becomes a beautiful card of the home!

Final Tips:

Through the above six space lighting layout installation design sharing, we can understand that the family house empty, different space, choose different lamps and layout way. A layered home, reflecting order and neatness; and these need the right lighting layout in order to adapt to day and night time changes. Not only can it better show the distribution of home space and restore the true appearance of the items, but also home decoration and create an atmosphere. And the new LED lamps can help us realize this desire. Completion of the functionality of the family space and the pursuit of aesthetics. Speaking of which, are you moved? It is better to take action.


1. What are the main advantages of LED lamps in modern decoration?

LED lamps and lanterns have five major advantages: energy saving, high efficiency, durability and flexible design, intelligent control, etc., which can meet the diversified lighting needs of modern families.

2. How to choose LED lamps and lanterns suitable for different spaces?

According to the function and needs of the space to choose the right LED lamps and lanterns, for example, the living room can choose chandeliers and light strips, the kitchen is suitable for the use of waterproof downlights and strip lights.

3.How does the color temperature of light affect the atmosphere of home?

Lighting color temperature affects the atmosphere and comfort of the space. Warm colors are suitable for creating a warm atmosphere, while cool colors are suitable for enhancing the brightness and cleanliness of the space.

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