luzes led para loja-Série V

This series of led wraparound luminaire adopts steel+aluminum housing and PC diffuser, integrated the lastest SMD LED technology to achieve higher lumen output. It is available in 2FT/4FT/5FT/6FT(combine)/8TF(combine) with standard, sensor dimming and emergency version options. It widely used in Supermarket, Rail-way or Metro station platform, escada bem, corredor, evacuation passage especially indoor parking lots, armazém, supermarket and basements.

what is Led shop light

LED shop light, also known as LED garage light or LED commercial light, refer to lighting fixtures typically used in commercial or industrial settings such as shops, garagens, warehouses, and other similar areas. These lights are designed to provide bright and efficient illumination for tasks that require good visibility and precision, such as working, crafting, or showcasing products in retail environments, as well as automotive repairs, pool usage, or any other detailed work. LED shop lights are known for their long lifespan, eficiência energética, and ability to produce bright, uniform light without generating excessive heat. They come in various designs, including overhead fixtures, strip lights, and task lights, catering to different lighting needs in shop environments.

led shop lightsTypes of LED Shop Lights

1. Industrial-grade LED Shop Lights:

Características: These fixtures are designed to be rugged and durable, typically with high levels of waterproof and dustproof ratings (such as IP65 and above), capable of withstanding harsh working environments like high temperatures, umidade, or dusty industrial settings. They often provide high brightness and efficient light output, suitable for prolonged operation and frequent use, ensuring bright and safe working areas.

Formulários: Ideal for industrial environments such as factory workshops, warehouses, maintenance stations, estacionamentos, requiring high-intensity illumination.

2. Commercial-grade LED Shop Lights:

Características: These lights prioritize aesthetics and ambiance creation in their design, emphasizing light quality, with more refined designs aimed at enhancing product displays and creating a comfortable shopping atmosphere. They also consider energy efficiency and maintenance costs. Commercial-grade LED shop lights typically feature stylish designs, good color rendering index (IRC), offer various color temperature options, and may include smart control functions such as dimming and timer switches to adapt to different lighting needs. They can accurately represent the colors of products, attracting customer attention.

Formulários: Suitable for retail stores, boutiques, showrooms, hotel lobbies, restaurantes, escritórios, hotels, and other commercial spaces seeking high-end visual effects.

3. Ultra-thin LED Shop Lights:

Características: Favored for their slim profile and minimalist design, they are easy to install, space-saving, suitable for modern interior decor styles. The ultra-thin design also improves light uniformity, reduces shadows, and enhances lighting aesthetics.

Formulários: Ideal for commercial spaces requiring space-saving or specific decorative requirements, such as modern-style retail stores or showrooms, escritórios, conference rooms, residential environments, bookstores, small shops, and areas with high demands for space utilization and aesthetics.

4. Outdoor LED Shop Lights:

Características: Designed specifically for outdoor environments, suitable for providing illumination and advertising in outdoor areas. They have stronger waterproof (at least IP65 rating) and weather resistance, capable of stable operation in various weather conditions such as rain, neve, high temperatures, and low temperatures. The beam angle is adjustable to meet different outdoor lighting needs.

Formulários: Porches, outdoor billboards, storefront facades, pedestrian streets, park pathways, squares, and other places requiring outdoor lighting.

5. Smart LED Shop Lights:

Características: Integrating Internet of Things (IoT) tecnologia, they can connect to smartphones, smart home systems, or other smart devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DALI, or other communication protocols, enabling remote control, brightness adjustment, color adjustment, scene mode switching, timer switches, etc.. They may include sensors such as light sensors, temperature sensors, and motion sensors for automated control.

Formulários: Modern commercial spaces, smart homes, smart office environments, chain stores, and other places seeking efficient management and personalized lighting control.


Modelo Tensão de entrada Watt Sensor Dimming


ZL-VSBLP18-2FT-CN-V2 AC200-240V 18c x x
ZL-VSBLP36-4FT-CN-V2 AC200-240V 36c x x
ZL-VSBLP44-5FT-CN-V2 AC200-240V 44c x x
ZL-VSBLP18-2FT-CS-V2 AC200-240V 18c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO x
ZL-VSBLP36-4FT-CS-V2 AC200-240V 36c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO x
ZL-VSBLP44-5FT-CS-V2 AC200-240V 44c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO x
ZL-VSBLP18-2FT-CE-V2 AC200-240V 18c x >3horas@3,6W
ZL-VSBLP36-4FT-CE-V2 AC200-240V 36c x >3horas@3,6W
ZL-VSBLP44-5FT-CE-V2 AC200-240V 44c x >3horas@3,6W
ZL-VSBLP18-2FT-CES-V2 AC200-240V 18c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO >3horas@3,6W
ZL-VSBLP36-4FT-CES-V2 AC200-240V 36c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO >3horas@3,6W
ZL-VSBLP44-5FT-CES-V2 AC200-240V 44c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO >3horas@3,6W
ZL-VSBLP18-2FT-CN-V1 AC100-277V 18c x x
ZL-VSBLP36-4FT-CN-V1 AC100-277V 36c x x
ZL-VSBLP44-5FT-CN-V1 AC100-277V 44c x x
ZL-VSBLP18-2FT-CS-V1 AC100-277V 18c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO x
ZL-VSBLP36-4FT-CS-V1 AC100-277V 36c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO x
ZL-VSBLP44-5FT-CS-V1 AC100-277V 44c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO x
ZL-VSBLP18-2FT-CE-V1 AC100-277V 18c x >90mins@7-15W
ZL-VSBLP36-4FT-CE-V1 AC100-277V 36c x >90mins@7-15W
ZL-VSBLP44-5FT-CE-V1 AC100-277V 44c x >90mins@7-15W
ZL-VSBLP18-2FT-CES-V1 AC100-277V 18c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO >90mins@7-15W
ZL-VSBLP36-4FT-CES-V1 AC100-277V 36c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO >90mins@7-15W
ZL-VSBLP44-5FT-CES-V1 AC100-277V 44c 100% / 20% /DESLIGADO >90mins@7-15W
Observação: x -Não esta função


Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Shop Lights

Analysis of LED Light Source Technology

Chip Brand and Quality: Understand the LED chip brand used in the selected fixtures; high-quality chips ensure better luminous efficiency and longer lifespan.

Light Source Packaging: Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) and Chip-on-Board (COB) are the two most common packaging forms. COB typically provides more uniform light efficiency, while SMD offers greater flexibility and variety. COMLED utilizes High Brightness SMD2835 LED chips as the light source (approved by LM80), capable of meeting all lighting scene requirements.

Luminous Efficiency and Color Temperature Selection

Índice de reprodução de cores (IRC): The higher the CRI, the closer the object's colors appear to natural light. For commercial lighting, CRI ≥ 80 is recommended, while product display areas may require CRI ≥ 90 to accurately represent product colors.

Color Temperature (TCC): Measured in Kelvin (K), warm light (2700-3000K) is suitable for creating a cozy atmosphere, natural white (4000-5000K) suits most commercial environments, and cool white (6000K and above) is suitable for areas requiring high definition tasks. COMLED shop lights are available in 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K options.

Power and Brightness Adjustment

Calculate the total power required based on the shop area and lighting needs, considering the fixture's luminous flux (eu) to measure brightness. COMLED shop lights offer options of 120-150lm/w, supporting dimming functions to adjust brightness according to time or activity requirements, thereby enhancing energy efficiency.

Efficient LED lights can provide sufficient brightness while maintaining lower power consumption.

Glare Control Design

Excellent optical design can reduce direct light stimulation on the eyes by using lenses, grids, or reflectors to minimize glare, enhancing customer and employee comfort.

Waterproof and Dustproof Ratings

IP ratings (such as IP65, IP44) indicate the fixture's waterproof and dustproof capabilities; consider the installation environment when choosing. Outdoor or humid areas should select fixtures with at least an IP65 rating to prevent moisture and dust ingress.


Ensure products have relevant safety certifications, such as CCC certification (China), UL certification (USA), etc., to ensure the electrical safety performance of the fixtures. Check if power lines and plugs are intact and if the fixtures have good insulation protection.

Other Factors:

Consider the size and weight of the fixtures to ensure they fit your installation location.
Consider the heat dissipation design of the fixtures to ensure LED lifespan and performance.
Check for smart control features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or DALI protocol.


Eficácia Luminosa 120-150lm/w
TCC 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
IRC 85
Ângulo de feixe 120 grau


Installation and Maintenance of LED Shop Lights

Installation Methods

1. Suspension: Suitable for most commercial spaces, the luminaire is suspended from the ceiling using chains or steel wires. This method is flexible, allowing for height adjustments as needed, and is suitable for environments requiring concentrated lighting or high ceilings.

2. Recessed Installation: The luminaire is directly embedded into the ceiling, suitable for places seeking a clean, integrated visual effect, such as offices and boutiques. It requires pre-cut openings in the ceiling and the use of installation frames to secure the luminaires.

3. Suspension Series Connection: Multiple luminaires are connected in series using special connectors, suitable for long corridors or large display areas requiring continuous lighting. It simplifies the layout of wiring and saves installation costs.

4. Recessed + Suspension: Combining the first two methods, some luminaires are recessed while others are suspended, ensuring uniform overall lighting while adding depth. Suitable for large malls or multi-functional spaces.

Led shop lights Installation optionMaintenance Tips and Best Practices

Regular Cleaning: Gently wipe the luminaire housing with a soft cloth, avoiding the use of corrosive cleaners.

Check Connections: Inspect electrical connections at least once a year to ensure good contact and no signs of aging or exposure.

Heat Dissipation Check: Regularly inspect the luminaire's heat dissipation holes to ensure they are not blocked by dust, affecting heat dissipation performance.

Luminous Decay Monitoring: Monitor changes in luminaire brightness, and if significant luminous decay occurs, consider replacement or maintenance.


Fonte de alimentação de entrada AC200-240V, 50/60Hz / AC100-277V, 50/60Hz
Fator de potência > 0.9
Vida Útil@Ta25°(L70) 54,000 horas
Classificação Elétrica Classe I
Dimensões 620*84*72milímetros 1220*84*72milímetros 1520*84*72milímetros


Perguntas frequentes:

Which LED light is best for shop?

The choice of LED lights for shops depends on specific requirements, but generally, commercial-grade LED panel lights, linear lights, batten lights, and spotlights are commonly used. These fixtures typically offer a high Color Rendering Index (IRC) to accurately display the colors of merchandise, along with features like energy efficiency and long lifespan. When making a specific selection, factors such as the shop's decor style, lighting needs (such as accent lighting, ambient lighting, or task lighting), and budget should also be considered.

How many lumens do I need for a 30x40 shop?

Determining the required lumens typically involves considering factors such as the height of the shop, wall reflectance, lighting objectives (por exemplo., ambient lighting, Iluminação de tarefas, or accent lighting), among others. Generally, the standard illuminance for retail spaces ranges from 300 para 500 lux. Assuming we aim for a moderate brightness level of 400 lux, the calculation for required lumens is as follows:

Lumens = Area (square feet) × Illuminance (lux) × Lumens per square foot required

For a 30x40-foot shop, the area is 1200 square feet. Assuming 10 lumens per square foot (a rough estimate), then:

Lumens = 1200 × 400 × 10 = 4,800,000 lumens

This is a very rough estimate, and the actual required lumens may vary depending on factors such as the layout of the shop, the efficiency of lighting fixtures, and the lighting design.

What is the lifespan of LED shop lights?

The lifespan of LED lights is typically measured in hours, with high-quality LED lights reaching up to 50,000 hours or even longer (COMLED LED shop lights have a lifespan of up to 54,000 horas). This means they can last for over 13 years if used for 10 hours per day.

What is the difference between 5000K and 6000K LED shop lights?

5000K and 6000K refer to the color temperature of LED lights. The higher the color temperature, the cooler the light appears, while lower color temperatures lean towards warmer tones. A 5000K LED light provides a white light close to natural daylight, suitable for environments requiring high definition and alertness, such as office spaces, display areas, or retail shop selling areas. Por outro lado, a 6000K LED light has a higher color temperature, producing a bluer, cooler light (closer to "daylight" around noon), suitable for environments requiring high concentration, high contrast, precise color recognition, and clear visibility. It might feel cooler compared to 5000K light.

Is professional electrician required for installing shop lights?

While some simple LED light installations may not require a professional electrician, it is recommended to have one for the installation of lighting systems in commercial environments like shop lighting, to ensure safety and compliance. Electricians are knowledgeable about local electrical codes and can ensure correct installation and connection of all fixtures and circuits, preventing potential fire hazards or electric shock.

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