Linkable LED batten Light

Linkable LED batten Light


This product series features an IP66 IK10-rated linear fitting with high intensity. Crafted with high-quality anti-UV milky PC cover and base, it maintains a high transmission rate. The openable cap design, coupled with a press-type terminal block, enables quick installation without the need for tools or screws, simplifying the wiring process. Utilizing high-brightness SMD2835 light sources, the fixture offers both standard lighting and an optional microwave sensor standby feature. Enhanced with optimized optical design, the diffuser ensures even and soft light distribution, minimizing glare. Widely applicable in underground parking lots, workshops, warehouses, venues, ships, and other basements.



A Linkable LED Batten Light is a type of linear lighting fixture that is designed to be connected or linked together, allowing multiple fixtures to be joined in a continuous line.

Linkable LED batten Light

what is Linkable LED batten Light

Connectable LED batten lights are a versatile, modular linear lighting solution designed for easy installation and expansion in various industrial applications and indoor environments. The term “connectable” refers to their ability to link end-to-end or side-by-side without the need for additional wiring or complex installation procedures. This feature makes them ideal for spaces requiring customized lighting layouts or future expansion potential.

Key Aspects of Connectable LED batten Lights:

1. Design and Connectivity
Linear and Modular Design: The long and narrow shape accommodates various space layouts, achieving extensive and uniform lighting coverage.
Convenient Linkable System: Supports end-to-end or side connections, eliminating the need for complex wiring, allowing for quick installation and future expansion.

2. Installation Flexibility
Versatile Mounting Options: Supports surface, recessed, and suspended mounting to fit different architectural environments.
Integrated Components Simplify Installation: Some models incorporate drivers and connectors, further streamlining the installation process.

3. Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness
Significant Energy Savings: LED technology significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional lighting, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction.
Long Lifespan Reduces Maintenance: With a lifespan of tens of thousands of hours, it reduces maintenance costs and environmental impact.

4. Lighting Quality and Control
Consistent Light Output and Color Temperature Options: Provides uniform and flawless illumination, with various color temperatures to suit different settings.
Dimming and Smart Control: Compatible with dimming devices and smart systems, enabling personalized light intensity adjustments to enhance user experience.

5. Comprehensive Performance Advantages
Durable and Robust: Features an IP-rated enclosure with dust and water resistance, enhancing durability in various conditions.
Optimized Lighting Environment: Eliminates dark spots and overly bright areas, creating a more comfortable and harmonious visual environment.

Linkable LED batten Light Features

SMD2835 LED chip Approval by LM80

◆220lm/W LED chip as light source (approval by LM-80)
◆IP66 waterproof rating and IK10 high intensity

High quality anti-UV PC housing

◆Aluminum heatsink and anti-UV PC housing.
◆High transmittance(88%) PC diffuser


◆Openable end cap & screwless Quick wiring terminal block for easy installation
◆high efficency,flicker free driver

Sensor dimming function with remote setting

◆sensor dimming function with remote setting (option)
◆Surface mounted/hanging installation
◆Linkable connection function(option)
◆Approved by CE ROHS SAA and C-Tick (RCM)
◆5 years warranty.

Linkable LED batten Light Applications:

1. Commercial Spaces: Ideal for lighting large areas such as offices, retail stores, supermarkets, and warehouses where consistent and uniform illumination is required.

2. Industrial Settings: Suitable for use in factories, tunnel,manufacturing plants, workshops, and garages where robust and efficient lighting solutions are necessary.

Linkable LED batten Light Applications

3. Residential Use: Can be used in homes, garages, basements, and utility rooms to provide bright and energy-efficient lighting.

4. Public Buildings: Commonly installed in schools, hospitals, libraries, and other public facilities to ensure adequate lighting for various activities and tasks.

Linkable LED batten Light INFORMATION(L-series):

Rated Power 20W 36W 44W
Install Surface Mount/Suspended/Linkable
Protection Rating IP66 IK10
Housing PC+AL
Optics PC Milky Diffuser
Connection Type Quick Terminal Block(Push) or linkabke
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 40℃
Warranty 3 Years
Dimming Option Microwave Sensor – 3 Stepped Version(100%-20%-OFF)

Linkable LED batten Light Specification(L-series):

Rated Power 20W 36W 44W
Install Surface Mount/Suspended/Linkable
Protection Rating IP66 IK10
Housing PC+AL
Optics PC Milky Diffuser
Connection Type Quick Terminal Block(Push) or linkabke
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 40℃
Warranty 3 Years
Dimming Option Microwave Sensor – 3 Stepped Version(100%-20%-OFF)
Luminous Efficacy 110-130lm/W
CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
CRI >80
Beam Angle 120 degree
Input power Supply AC220-240V/50-60HZ
Power Factor 0.9
Lifespan@Ta25°(L70) 54,000 hours
Electrical Classification Class II
Package Dimensions 665*80*70mm 1265*80*70mm 1565*80*70mm


Linkable LED batten Light Size Dimension L-series(unit: mm):

IP66 IK10 linear LED light fixtures L design diagram

LED IP66 IK10 linear light fixtures L design diagram

Linkable LED batten Light Installation option:

Our Linkable LED batten Light fixtures are designed for versatile installation to suit different mounting requirements. Below are the available installation methods:

1. Surface Mount:

This method involves directly attaching the fixture to the surface of the ceiling or wall using appropriate mounting brackets or screws.

Surface mounting is ideal for areas where there is no access to the ceiling void or where a suspended ceiling is not present.

LED linear light fixtures Installation option A
Linkable LED batten Light Installation option A
Linkable LED batten Light Installation option B










2.Suspension Mount:

Suspension mounting involves hanging the fixture from the ceiling using adjustable suspension cables or chains.

This method is suitable for areas with high ceilings or where a suspended lighting arrangement is preferred for better light distribution.

3. Recessed Mount:

Recessed mounting, also known as hidden or embedded installation, involves installing the fixture into a cavity or recess in the ceiling.

This method provides a sleek and integrated look, suitable for modern interior designs and environments where a low-profile lighting solution is desired.


Packaging & Shipment &Payment

Price Term: EXW Shenzhen or FOB Shenzhen.

Payment: Advance T/T & Sight L/C.

Delivery Time: 14-40 days(based on different quantities).









Carton Size









6500 cartons

3400 cartons

2700 cartons




What are Linkable LED Batten Lights?

Linkable LED Batten Lights are linear lighting fixtures designed for easy interconnection, allowing multiple units to be linked together seamlessly. This feature makes them ideal for creating continuous, uniform lighting across large areas.

What are the main benefits of using Linkable LED Batten Lights?

The main benefits include:

Ease of Installation:Simple plug-and-play connectivity reduces installation time and complexity.

Energy Efficiency:LED technology significantly lowers energy consumption compared to traditional lighting.

Long Lifespan:LEDs offer a longer operational life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Flexibility:Suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial to commercial spaces.

Uniform Lighting:Provides consistent and even light distribution without dark spots.

What are the advantages of Linkable LED Batten Lights compared to traditional lighting fixtures?

Compared to traditional fixtures, Linkable LED Batten Lights offer higher energy efficiency, significantly reducing electricity costs. They have a longer lifespan, often lasting tens of thousands of hours, which decreases the frequency of replacements. The light they emit is more uniform and flicker-free, reducing eye strain. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, typically containing no harmful substances like mercury. Their modular design also makes maintenance and upgrades easier.

Do these lights support dimming?

Yes, many modern Linkable LED Batten Lights support dimming. They can be adjusted using dimmer switches or integrated into smart home systems, allowing for customizable brightness to meet different lighting needs and create the desired atmosphere.

Are these lights suitable for commercial and industrial spaces?

Absolutely. Due to their high brightness, long lifespan, and easy maintenance, Linkable LED Batten Lights are perfect for large commercial and industrial spaces such as warehouses, factories, supermarkets, and parking lots. They provide uniform, efficient lighting and can be flexibly expanded to meet the needs of different spaces.

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