LED tri-proof light IP65 2FT/4FT

LED tri-proof light IP65 2FT/4FT


This tri-proof light offers high quality construction with white coating steel body and high strength wire guard, Incorporating standard LED T8 tube technology. Its’ sliding mounting and wiring patent design was made for super easy installation and mantainence. It is available in various styles : with single tube or duoble tube , 2FT/4FT, with wired gaurd /Pramasitc lens / transparent PC lens / bare. Function can be Standard version, microwave sensor dimming version, emergency version, DALI version . Ideal product for Replace existing fluorescent fixtures to LED technology fixture in most applications.




What is IP65 4FT LED tri-proof light

The IP65 4FT LED tri-proof light is a type of lighting fixture designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions while providing efficient illumination.

The “IP65” rating indicates that the fixture is highly resistant to dust and water ingress, making it suitable for use in outdoor environments and areas exposed to moisture or dust particles. The “4FT” designation refers to the length of the fixture, which is typically four feet long.

The term “LED tri-proof light” signifies that the fixture utilizes LED (light-emitting diode) technology and is designed to be “tri-proof,” meaning it is resistant to water, dust, and corrosion.

the IP65 4FT LED tri-proof light is a durable and energy-efficient lighting solution suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial facilities, commercial buildings, outdoor areas, and transportation hubs.


IP65 4FT LED tri-proof light Features and Advantages

Excellent material:
The LED tri-proof light have 0.5mm thickness iron tray with white painting offers high intensity and a high reflection rate, making it ideal for various applications where efficient and effective lighting is essential. The white painting ensures maximum reflection of light, enhancing the overall brightness and visibility of the illuminated area. The iron tray provides durability and stability to support the lighting fixtures, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The slim profile of the tray allows for easy installation and integration into different lighting systems.

Low light degradation , High lighting efficiency:
LED tri-proof lighting fixture utilizes high-brightness 200lm/W SMD2835 lamp beads, which are LM-80 certified, ensuring reliability and longevity with minimal light attenuation over time. With an overall light efficiency exceeding 120lm/W, it delivers exceptional illumination while maximizing energy efficiency.Boasting a high color rendering index (CRI) of 83RA, the fixture ensures accurate color representation and enhanced visual clarity.

Multiple parallel and fewer series wiring method:
LED tri-proof light adopting more series connections and fewer parallel connections ensures that the necrosis of a single LED chip does not affect the operation of the entire light.

long emergency time:
LED tri-proof light utilizing HT lithium batteries, the emergency duration exceeds 3 hours.

Plug-in terminal connection:
It features a highly sensitive and stabilized microwave sensor (5.8G HF), offering multiple parameter settings options (such as twilight ratio, hold time, and detection area), enabling it to achieve optimal energy-saving effects. Additionally, it utilizes plug-and-play connections for simplified maintenance.

external emergency mode indicator and test button, easily maintenance and test

IP65 4FT LED tri-proof lighting fixture

LED Tri-Proof Lighting Technology Evolution

The development of LED tri-proof lighting technology has been spurred by the need for energy-efficient, durable, and versatile lighting solutions in industrial and commercial settings. Over time, significant progress has been made in both LED technology and the design of tri-proof fixtures.

Transition to LED: LED technology replaced traditional lighting sources like fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, offering higher energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and better durability, making it ideal for tri-proof applications.

Enhanced Durability: Tri-proof fixtures now feature improved durability with impact-resistant materials like polycarbonate or tempered glass, along with sturdy housing designs to protect against water, dust, and corrosion.

Smart Controls: Integration of smart controls and sensors allows for motion detection, daylight harvesting, and wireless connectivity, enabling greater energy savings and customization of lighting settings.

Modular Design: Modular fixtures facilitate easy installation, maintenance, and scalability, catering to diverse applications and environments.

LED Tri-Proof Light IP Ratings: Understanding Ingress Protection Standards

IP ratings classify the degree of protection provided by electrical enclosures, including LED tri-proof lights, against foreign objects and moisture. The rating consists of two digits: the first represents solid object protection, and the second represents liquid ingress protection.

1. Solid Object Protection:
– 0: No protection against contact or ingress of solid objects.
– 1: Protection against solid objects larger than 50mm in diameter.
– 2: Protection against solid objects larger than 12.5mm in diameter.
– 3: Protection against solid objects larger than 2.5mm in diameter.
– 4: Protection against solid objects larger than 1.0mm in diameter.
– 5: Protection against dust ingress (limited ingress permitted; no harmful deposit).
– 6: Complete protection against dust ingress (no ingress permitted).

2. Liquid Ingress Protection:
– 0: No protection against water or moisture.
– 1: Protection against vertically falling drops of water (condensation).
– 2: Protection against vertically falling drops of water when the enclosure is tilted up to 15 degrees.
– 3: Protection against spraying water at angles up to 60 degrees from vertical.
– 4: Protection against splashing water from any direction.
– 5: Protection against low-pressure jets of water from any direction.
– 6: Protection against powerful jets of water (e.g., from a pressure washer).
– 7: Protection against the effects of temporary immersion in water (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes).
– 8: Protection against continuous immersion in water under specified conditions.

IP65 is a high protection standard, indicating strong defense against both solid objects (level 6) and liquid ingress (level 5), making it suitable for demanding environments.

LED sensor tri-proof lighting

IP65 4FT LED Tri-Proof Light Energy-saving : High Luminous Efficacy and Dimmable Options

LED tri-proof lights are designed with energy-saving features such as high luminous efficacy and dimmable options. With advanced LED technology,Dimmable options allow users to adjust the brightness according to their needs, further optimizing energy usage and enhancing flexibility in lighting control.

LED Tri-Proof Light Comparison with Traditional Lighting Technologies: Cost-effectiveness and Eco-friendliness

When compared to traditional lighting technologies, LED tri-proof lights offer significant advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness. LED fixtures have a longer lifespan and lower maintenance requirements, resulting in reduced operating costs over time. LED technology is environmentally friendly, as it does not contain hazardous materials like mercury and consumes less energy, contributing to lower carbon emissions and a smaller environmental footprint.

IP65 4FT LED Tri-Proof Lighting Fixtures Vibration Resistance: Stability in Industrial Settings

LED tri-proof lights are engineered to withstand vibrations and shocks, ensuring stability and reliability in industrial settings. With durable construction and robust components, these fixtures can endure harsh conditions without compromising performance. This vibration resistance feature makes LED tri-proof lights ideal for use in factories, warehouses, and other industrial environments where vibrations are common.

IP65 4FT LED tri-proof light PHOTOMETRIC

Luminous Efficacy 100-120lm/w
CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
CRI >80
Beam Angle 120 degree


IP65 4FT LED tri-proof light ELECTRICAL

Input power Supply AC200-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Factor > 0.9
Lifespan@Ta25°(L70) 54,000 hours
Electrical Classification Class I
Dimensions 650*113*96mm 650*113*96mm 1260*113*96mm 1260*113*96mm


IP65 4FT LED tri-proof light Product Certificate



How does a tri-proof light work?

Tri-proof lights, also known as vapor-tight or waterproof lights, are designed to withstand harsh environments such as dust, moisture, and impact. They typically feature a sealed and robust housing made of materials like polycarbonate or aluminum, ensuring protection against water, dust, and corrosion. Tri-proof lights usually incorporate LED technology for energy-efficient illumination and may include features like motion sensors or dimming capabilities for enhanced functionality.

Are tri-proof lights dimmable?

Many tri-proof lights are dimmable, offering flexibility in adjusting light levels to suit different preferences or requirements. Dimming capabilities may vary depending on the specific model , so it’s essential to check the product specifications to confirm if a tri-proof light supports dimming functionality.

What is the difference between LED and UV LED lights?

LED lights emit visible light when an electrical current passes through them, making them suitable for general lighting applications. On the other hand, UV LED lights emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is invisible to the human eye. UV LED lights are often used for purposes such as curing adhesives, disinfection, or attracting insects. While both types of lights utilize LED technology, they serve different purposes due to their different light emissions.

Do LED lights change color over time?

High-quality LED lights are designed to maintain their color consistency over time, offering stable and long-lasting illumination. Choosing reputable LED lighting products and ensuring proper installation and maintenance can help mitigate color consistency issues.

What is the voltage of LED tri-proof lights?

LED tri-proof lights typically operate on low-voltage DC power, commonly ranging from 12 volts to 48 volts, depending on the specific design and application requirements. Some models may also support universal voltage input, allowing them to be powered by a wide range of voltages, including standard AC mains voltage (e.g., 100-240 volts).

What is tri-proof LED batten?

A tri-proof LED batten is a type of batten LED lighting fixtures designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as moisture, dust, and corrosion. Tri-proof LED batten lighting fixtures are linear luminaires designed for various indoor and outdoor lighting applications. It features a sealed and rugged housing, to provide protection against ingress of water and foreign particles. Tri-proof LED batten lights are commonly used in industrial, commercial, and outdoor applications where durability and reliability are essential.

Which is better UV lamp or LED?

The choice between UV lamps and LEDs depends on the specific application requirements and preferences. UV lamps, particularly fluorescent or mercury vapor lamps, have been traditionally used for applications such as curing adhesives, sterilization, or attracting insects. However, UV LED technology has gained popularity due to its energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and precise control over UV wavelength output. UV LEDs also emit less heat and are more environmentally friendly compared to traditional UV lamps.

Additional information



Rated Power (Led tube)

1x9W 2x9W 1x18W 2x18W


Surface Mount/Suspended/Linkable

Protection Rating



Steel with Coating


Polycarbonate Milky Diffuser

Connection Type

Terminal Block or Linkable

Operating Temperature

-20℃ to 40℃(Emergency version: 0℃ to 40℃)


3 Years(battery for 1 year)

Dimming Option

Microwave Sensor – 3 Stepped Version(100%-20%-OFF)

Emergency Option

3 Hours+ @3W LiFePO4 Battery

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