LED Batten Lights product purchase

LED Batten Lights product purchase




Led batten light range
LED Batten Lights are surface mounted and used indoor & outdoor locations such as garages, warehouses, workplaces, walkways, car parks & storage areas. These modern lights last longer, use less electricity and are more environmentally friendly than older fluorescent models.



We offer a range of brands, models & sizes to suit every home, workplace or outdoor area. 600mm and 1200mm led battens are the most popular sizes.

LED Batten Lights
At COMLED, we’re more than ready to come to your assistance if you’re looking for quality LED batten lights. Many people have replaced their traditional fluorescent batten lights with LED equivalents to reduce lighting costs and make a better contribution to the environment. Whether you only have a limited budget or have more to spend, we’re confident we can help you find the first-class LED batten lights that you require.

Buy LED Battens
LED Battens are surface mounted bar lights designed typically for areas such as laundry and garages where practicality and light output was paramount. Nowadays, compared to previous fluorescent battens, LED Batten Lights provide a more appealing design, and in most cases, is much more slimline . Light output is very comparable, and lifetime is longer. Choose from a range of designs, color temperature options, as well as indoor and outdoor options.

We can customize products according to your specific needs.


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