IP20 LED Office Batten Light 20w/36w 2FT/4FT

IP20 LED Office Batten Light 20w/36w 2FT/4FT


1.Innovation design for sliding installation of housing body without wiring,easy maintenance.
2.Small Seperate fixed plate with Huge terminal block and safety hookers for easy
3.Easy openable backside design for quick maintenance.




what is IP20 LED Batten Lighting Fixture

An IP20 LED batten lighting fixture refers to a type of lighting fixture designed for indoor applications where protection against dust is required but protection against water ingress is not a priority. The “IP20” rating indicates that the fixture provides limited protection against solid objects and no protection against water. Specifically, the “2” in the IP20 rating signifies that the fixture offers protection against solid objects larger than 12.5mm in diameter, such as fingers or large tools, but is not dust-tight. The absence of a water-ingress rating means that the fixture is not suitable for outdoor or damp environments where exposure to water or moisture is likely. IP20 LED batten lighting fixtures are commonly used in indoor settings such as offices, retail stores, and residential spaces where dust protection is necessary, but direct exposure to water is minimal.

IP65 LED Batten Lighting Fixtures

Offices Lighting Fixtures requirement

Designing lighting for offices involves several considerations ensuring energy efficiency, visual comfort, and productivity. Here are some key aspects of office lighting requirements:

LED Illuminance Levels: Adequate lighting levels are essential for performing visual tasks comfortably and efficiently in an office environment. Illuminance levels are typically measured in lux, and recommended values vary depending on the specific tasks performed in each area of the office. For example, general office areas may require illuminance levels between 300 to 500 lux, while task areas such as workstations may need higher levels ranging from 500 to 750 lux.

LED lighting Uniformity: Uniform distribution of light across the office space helps reduce glare and shadows, creating a visually comfortable environment for occupants. Uniformity ratios, which compare the illuminance levels between different areas within the office, should be carefully considered to ensure consistent lighting quality throughout the workspace.

LED lighting fixture Color Rendering: Color rendering refers to the ability of a light source to accurately render the colors of objects in the illuminated space. Offices often require high-quality color rendering to support tasks that involve evaluating or distinguishing between different colors, such as reading documents or viewing computer screens. Lighting fixtures with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) are preferred to ensure accurate color representation.

LED lighting Glare Control: Glare, caused by excessive brightness or contrast in the field of view, can cause visual discomfort and reduce productivity in office settings.

Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient lighting solutions are essential for reducing energy consumption and operating costs in office buildings. LED lighting technology offers significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting sources, making it a popular choice for office lighting retrofits and new installations.

IP20 LED Office Batten Light Features

This LED batten light offers high quality construction with white coating steel body and high transmission Polycarbonate diffuser, Incorporating SMD LED technology to achieve a high lm/w rating,impact resistant and reduce glares, its’ sliding mounting and wiring patent design was made for super easy installation and mantainence. Standard, sensor dimming, emergency version all available. it can be installed generally indoor, best light sulution for offices, commercial shops, schools, supermarkets and park lots.

◆ 0.5mm thickness steel housing with white coating IP20 rate
◆High transmittance(88%) PC diffuser
◆Small Seperate fixed plate with Huge terminal block and safety hookers for easy installation
◆Innovation design for sliding installation of housing body without wiring,easy mantainence
◆easy openable backside design for quick mantainance.
◆5.8G HF microwave Sensor dimming function (option).
◆Emergency function,battery with special housing for quick maintenance (option)
◆ Approved by CE SAA and C-Tick (RCM).
◆ 5 years warranty

IP20 LED Office Batten Light PARAMETER DATA(J-Series)

Model Input voltage Watt Sensor dimming standby Emergency
ZL-JSBLP20-2FT-CN AC110V or 230V 20w x x
ZL-JSBLP36-4FT-CN AC110V or 230V 36w x x
ZL-JSBLP20-2FT-CS AC110V or 230V 20w 100% / 20% /OFF x
ZL-JSBLP36-4FT-CS AC110V or 230V 36w 100% / 20% /OFF x
ZL-JSBLP20-2FT-CE AC110V or 230V 20w x >3hrs@3.6W
ZL-JSBLP36-4FT-CE AC110V or 230V 36w x >3hrs@3.6W
ZL-JSBLP20-2FT-CES AC110V or 230V 20w 100% / 20% /OFF >3hrs@3.6W
ZL-JSBLP36-4FT-CES AC110V or 230V 36w 100% / 20% /OFF >3hrs@3.6W
Note: x -No this function



How long do LED office lights last?

The lifespan of LED office lights generally ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 hours, depending on the quality of the LED fixtures and environmental conditions.

How do you hang LED batten lights?

For pendant LED lights, start by mounting the suspension components onto the surface of the LED panel light, then connect the cables. When installing LED panel lights on ceiling types, begin by placing several screws on the ceiling, then slide the LED panel light into the ceiling’s frame equipment, securing three sides, and then slide the panel light into the interior, followed by sliding the fourth side to secure the screw structure.

How many lumens is good for office lighting?

Typically, offices require lighting levels of 300 to 500 lumens per square meter, with areas requiring detailed or fine work (such as reading or file processing areas) possibly needing higher illumination levels.

What is difference between LED batten and LED tube light?

The difference between LED light strips and LED tubes lies in their shape and usage. LED tubes are usually cylindrical and suitable for traditional tube lighting installation methods and applications. LED light strips, on the other hand, are typically long and thin, suitable for applications requiring linear light sources such as embedded lighting, display cabinets, and contour lighting.

What is the best LED color temp for office?

The optimal LED color temperature for offices is typically between 4000K to 5000K, providing clear, bright light that helps improve alertness and focus.

What is the difference between IP20 and IP44?

The difference between IP20 and IP44 lies in their protection ratings. IP20 indicates the second level of protection against solid objects (no special protection) and the zero level of protection against liquids (no protection), while IP44 indicates the fourth level of protection against solid objects (protection against solid objects over 1.0mm) and the fourth level of protection against liquids (protection against splashing water in a vertical direction).

What is the purpose of a batten lamp holder?

The primary purpose of batten light holders is to secure and connect LED batten lights to power sources. They provide a sturdy support structure and transmit electrical energy to LED fixtures by connecting to power sources.

What is the beam angle of LED batten?

The emission angle of LED light strips depends on customer requirements. Common emission angles for LED light strips include 120 degrees, 90 degrees, and 60 degrees. Specific requirements can be discussed with COMLED for customization.

What is the best LED light for office work?

The best LED lights for office work should have appropriate brightness, high color rendering index (CRI), uniform illumination distribution, and adjustable color temperature and brightness. Choosing LED lights with glare resistance, energy efficiency, and high reliability can improve employee comfort and work efficiency.

Additional information



Rated Power

18W / 36W


Surface Mount/Suspended/Linkable

Protection Rating



Steel with Coating


Polycarbonate Milky Diffuser

Connection Type

Terminal Block or Linkable

Operating Temperature

-20℃ to 40℃(Emergency version: 0℃ to 40℃)


5 Years(battery for 1 year)

Dimming (Option)

Microwave Sensor – 3 Stepped Version(100%-20%-OFF)

Emergency (Option)

3 Hours+ @3.6W LiFePO4 Battery

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