waterproof led batten P-Series

This Series vapor tight luminaire adopts high-grade PC base and milky PC diffuser housing, good quality seal for better waterproof, intergrated the lastest SMD LED technology to achieve higher lumen output and protection rating,also reduce glares. It is avalible in 2FT/4FT/5FT with standard,sensor dimming and emergency version function options. It widely used in tunnel, Rail-way or Metro station, Supermarket, stair well, corridor, evacuation passage especially parking lots, electrical room, ships and other basements.

Waterproof LED batten light

What is waterproof led batten

A waterproof LED batten, also known as a waterproof LED batten light, waterproof LED linear light, or tri-proof LED light fixture, is a type of lighting fixture specifically designed for use in environments where there is a risk of exposure to water or moisture. These fixtures typically feature a sealed construction, often with an IP65 or higher rating, which makes them resistant to dust, moisture, and water jets. They are commonly used in outdoor applications, wet rooms, industrial settings, and areas prone to humidity or splashing water.

PC Cover and PC Base

Adopt High Diffusion Milky PC Cover:The high diffusion milky PC cover ensures even light distribution, minimizing glare and providing a soft, uniform illumination that enhances visibility and comfort.

PC Cover Contains Anti-UV Material:The cover is embedded with anti-UV material, protecting it from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. This enhances the longevity of the fixture, preventing yellowing or degradation over time.

Lumen Transmission Up to 90%:Despite its diffused appearance, the PC cover achieves up to 90% lumen transmission, ensuring that the light output remains bright and efficient. This high level of transparency maximizes the effectiveness of the LED light source, delivering optimal performance.

weatherproof led batten light

LED Chips

LED Chips

Superior LED Chips:Our LED lights feature high-brightness LED chips that are designed to provide exceptional illumination and superior color rendering.

Efficiency and Certification:We use high-brightness 130 lumens per watt (lm/w) LED chips that have been rigorously tested and approved by LM-80 standards, ensuring their reliability and performance.

Low Light Degradation:These LED chips are engineered to have minimal light degradation over time, maintaining their brightness and effectiveness even with prolonged use.

High Color Rendering Index (CRI):With a high CRI rating of over 83, our LED chips ensure that colors appear more natural and vibrant, enhancing the visual quality of the illuminated area.

Luminous Efficiency:Our LED chips offer an impressive luminous efficiency, ranging between 110 to 130 lumens per watt, providing bright and efficient lighting solutions for various applications.

LED Driver

An isolated constant current driver is designed to provide a steady current to the LED, ensuring consistent brightness and performance. The isolation feature enhances safety by separating the input and output, reducing the risk of electrical shock and interference.

IEC Approved Driver:An IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) approved driver complies with international standards for safety, performance, and efficiency.

This driver provides a power output of 60 watts, making it suitable for a variety of lighting applications, from residential to commercial use. with a power factor greater than 0.9, this driver is highly efficient, reducing energy consumption and minimizing wastage.

Larger Tolerance and Long Lifespan:A larger tolerance in an LED driver means it can operate effectively under a wider range of electrical conditions, making it more resilient to fluctuations in voltage and current. a long lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving time and maintenance costs over the long term.


LED Driver

LED waterproof batten lights application scenarios

The design of LED waterproof batten light is intended to withstand moisture ingress, making them suitable for use in a wide range of industrial settings such as warehouses, tunnels, underground parking garages, ship cabins, outdoor billboards, pools, as well as supermarkets, shops, offices, corridors, and other areas.

They typically feature high waterproof ratings, such as IP65, IP67, or IP68, which determine the level of water pressure and splashing they can resist.

Outdoor Lighting:

Waterproof LED batten fixtures are the ideal choice for outdoor environments, widely used in streets, railways, bridges, tunnels, parks, subway stations, gardens, outdoor squares, and various landscape lighting projects. They effectively withstand outdoor weather changes, resisting rain erosion, moisture, and other harsh conditions, providing long-lasting lighting effects. Used as streetlights and bridge lights on roads and bridges, they ensure safety lighting and smooth traffic flow.

Industrial Production and Warehousing Lighting:

Environments such as factories, warehouses, production workshops, substations, industrial tunnels, and mechanical equipment lighting often require fixtures that can withstand moisture and water vapor. Waterproof LED battens provide reliable lighting solutions in these areas, ensuring industrial production and operational safety, high efficiency, and durability while reducing maintenance costs.
Featuring high protection ratings, such as IP65 /IK10and above, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.
Utilizing high-brightness 220lm/w SMD2835 LED chips, providing efficient lighting performance.
Supporting various installation methods, including recessed, surface-mounted, and suspended.
Protection rating: IP65+.
Installation options: Recessed, surface-mounted, suspended.

Commercial and Retail Spaces:

In hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, supermarkets, shops, parking lots, and other indoor and outdoor lighting environments, waterproof LED battens are commonly used to create attractive visual effects while meeting safety and practical needs.(Waterproof LED modules and displays are widely used in outdoor billboards, signage, and information boards, remaining clear and visible even during the rainy season.)
Offering multiple color temperature options such as 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K to meet various lighting needs.
Supporting smart controls such as dimming, timed switching, etc.
Lifespan: 54,000 hours
Protection rating: IP65
Installation methods: recessed, surface-mounted, suspended

Entertainment and Sports Facilities:

Due to the presence of water, sports stadiums, swimming pools, aquariums, water parks, and spas require waterproof lighting equipment. Waterproof LED battens provide safe, bright lighting underwater or near water, while ensuring long-term stable performance.
With high protection ratings, such as IP69K, it can withstand underwater environments.
Utilizing high-brightness SMD2835 LED chips, it delivers efficient lighting performance.
Lifespan: 54,000 hours
Protection rating: IP69K
Installation method: Recessed or surface-mounted

Ships and Watercraft:

LED waterproof batten lights with high protection levels are needed in water or near-water areas such as ships, docks, and offshore platforms to withstand risks of salt spray corrosion and direct water immersion.

Emergency Lighting:

In locations requiring emergency lighting such as fire exits, evacuation staircases, emergency exits, corridors, and basements, waterproof LED battens ensure normal illumination even in adverse conditions, providing necessary guidance and safety lighting.

Agriculture and Horticulture:

In greenhouses, breeding sheds, aquaculture processing plants, and other agricultural facilities, waterproof LED battens can adapt to humid environments while providing suitable lighting conditions to promote plant growth or animal health. They are used in irrigation and drainage systems for underwater lighting or near water sources.

Indoor Special Places:

For areas such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, although indoors, they often come into contact with water, so waterproof LED fixtures are necessary. Waterproof LED light strips or recessed fixtures ensure safe and reliable lighting, preventing short circuits caused by moisture and ensuring safety and durability.

LED waterproof batten lights PARAMETER DATA(P3-Series):

Model Input voltage Watt Sensor Dimming standby Emergency
ZL-PSBLP20-2FT-CN-V3 AC220-240V 18w x x
ZL-PSBLP40-4FT-CN-V3 AC220-240V 36w x x
ZL-PSBLP60-5FT-CN-V3 AC220-240V 44w x x
ZL-PSBLP20-2FT-CS-V3 AC220-240V 18w 100% / 20% /OFF x
ZL-PSBLP40-4FT-CS-V3 AC220-240V 36w 100% / 20% /OFF x
ZL-PSBLP60-5FT-CS-V3 AC220-240V 44w 100% / 20% /OFF x
ZL-PSBLP20-2FT-CE-V3 AC220-240V 18w x >3hrs@2W
ZL-PSBLP40-4FT-CE-V3 AC220-240V 36w x >3hrs@2W
ZL-PSBLP60-5FT-CE-V3 AC220-240V 44w x >3hrs@2W
ZL-PSBLP20-2FT-CES-V3 AC220-240V 18w 100% / 20% /OFF >3hrs@2W
ZL-PSBLP40-4FT-CES-V3 AC220-240V 36w 100% / 20% /OFF >3hrs@2W
ZL-PSBLP60-5FT-CES-V3 AC220-240V 44w 100% / 20% /OFF >3hrs@2W
Note: x -No this function

LED batten light Waterproof Rating Classification

Meaning of Waterproof Ratings

The waterproof rating quantitatively evaluates a product's or structure's ability to resist water ingress. This evaluation is primarily based on the Ingress Protection (IP) code system established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The IP code system utilizes a two-digit number to indicate the device's protection level against foreign objects (including dust) and moisture.

The first number (dustproof rating) indicates the device's protection against solid objects (such as dust, sand).
0: No protection.
1: Protection against solid objects larger than 50mm.
2: Protection against solid objects larger than 12.5mm.
3: Protection against solid objects larger than 2.5mm.
4: Protection against solid objects larger than 1mm.
5: Dustproof, but not completely dust-tight.
6: Completely dustproof.

The second number (waterproof rating) indicates the device's protection against water.
0: No protection.
1: Protection against vertically dripping water.
2: Protection against dripping water at an angle of up to 15 degrees.
3: Protection against spraying water at an angle of up to 60 degrees.
4: Protection against splashing water from any direction.
5: Protection against water jets from any direction.
6: Protection against powerful water jets.
7: Immersion in water for a short period, with specific limits on depth and time.
8: Continuous immersion in water under specified conditions.

Common waterproof ratings include:

IP20: No waterproof function, only suitable for completely dry indoor environments.
IP65: Completely dustproof and resistant to water jets.
IP66: Completely dustproof and resistant to powerful water jets.
IP67: Completely dustproof and capable of temporary immersion in water.
IP68: Completely dustproof and suitable for prolonged immersion in water.

waterproof technology

The waterproofing technology of LED batten lights involves various aspects, including design, material selection, and sealing. Below are some common waterproofing techniques for LED lights:

Sealing Design: LED batten lights typically feature a sealing design to prevent water and moisture from penetrating internal components. This design often includes the use of sealing gaskets, washers, screws, silicone sealing, and special sealing materials. It ensures there are no gaps for water to seep through. Through assembly, ensuring tight fits between components forms a natural waterproof barrier.

Waterproof Enclosure: LED batten light housings are typically made of waterproof materials such as waterproof plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum alloy. These enclosures can block water and moisture, protecting internal circuits and components. Structural waterproofing relies on the physical construction of the fixture and does not require additional waterproof materials, thus not affecting the fixture's optical performance.

Waterproof Connectors: Connectors and joints of LED batten lights often feature waterproof designs to prevent water from entering and causing circuit shorts or damage.

Waterproof Coatings: Some LED batten fixtures may apply waterproof coatings on circuit boards and electronic components to enhance waterproof performance and durability. Material waterproofing can provide effective waterproofing, especially suitable for complex structures or areas difficult to achieve complete waterproofing through structural design.

LED waterproof batten light source and performance parameters


Luminous Efficacy 110-140lm/w
CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
CRI >80
Beam Angle 120 degree



Input power Supply AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Factor > 0.9
Lifespan@Ta25°(L70) 54,000 hours
Electrical Classification Class I
Package Dimensions 690*116*97mm 1280*116*97mm 1580*116*92mm


Size dimension:

Waterproof LED batten light Size dimension


Packing Specification:

LED waterproof batten light Packing Specification

Installation methods for LED waterproof batten lights

Surface Mounted

1. Preparation: Determine the installation location, clean the mounting surface to ensure it is free from dust and grease, ensuring a stable installation.

2. Measurement and Marking: Use a ruler or level to measure and mark the installation position of the LED strip light, ensuring the fixture remains level or positioned according to design requirements after installation.

3. Attachment Installation: Install the attachments provided with the fixture (such as mounting clips, screws, mounting brackets, etc.) to the designated positions in advance. For waterproof LED strip lights, this may include waterproof gaskets or sealing strips to ensure a tight seal between the fixture and the wall or ceiling.

4. Fixture Mounting: Align the main body (upper end) of the LED strip light with the pre-installed attachments and secure it using screws or other fasteners. Ensure all fixing points are securely connected to prevent the fixture from loosening.

5. Wiring: Follow the fixture's instructions to correctly connect the power lines to the wiring terminals, ensuring correct polarity and waterproofing.

6. Inspection and Testing: After installation, do not immediately seal all wiring boxes or cover plates. Conduct a powered test first to confirm that the fixture illuminates properly without flickering or malfunctioning. Then, turn off the power and complete the final sealing.

Installation methods for waterproof LED batten lightsHanging Installation

1. Layout Planning: Based on the space height and lighting requirements, plan the hanging height and spacing of the fixtures to ensure uniform light distribution.

2. Installation of Suspension Hardware: Choose appropriate fixing points on the ceiling or floor slab and install hooks or hangers using a drill and expansion screws. The suspension hardware should be able to support the weight of the fixture and ensure safety.

3. Connecting Suspension Cables: LED strip lights typically come with suspension cable installation components, including adjusting rings or cable locking devices. Thread the suspension cable through the hanging hole at the top of the fixture, use the adjustment accessories to secure the suspension cable, adjust it to the desired height, and tighten it.

4. Wiring Handling: Similar to surface mounting, ensure that the power lines are safely connected to the fixture during hanging installation. Pay attention to the neat and concealed routing of wires during suspension and take necessary precautions to prevent wire strain.

5. Balancing Adjustment: After hanging the fixture, adjust the lengths of the suspension cables to ensure that all fixtures are at the same level height, providing an aesthetically pleasing visual effect with uniform light distribution.

6. Safety Inspection and Testing: Finally, perform a safety inspection and fixture testing before powering on to ensure all suspension components are secure and there are no safety hazards.

Whether it's surface mounting or hanging installation, strict adherence to local electrical installation regulations is essential to ensure safety. Additionally, observe personal protective measures during installation to prevent electric shock or fall injuries.



What is the operating voltage of LED waterproof batten lights?

LED waterproof batten lights are indeed primarily categorized into two types based on their operating voltage: 12V and 220V.

12V LED waterproof batten lights: These lights operate on a 12-volt direct current (DC) voltage and typically require a power converter (adapter) to convert the main power supply (usually 220V alternating current) into 12V DC. Due to their lower operating voltage, 12V batten lights are safer and easier to install and troubleshoot, making them particularly suitable for applications where safety and flexibility are paramount, such as home and commercial interior decoration, cabinet lighting, display cases, and advertising signs. Additionally, systems with lower voltage facilitate dimming and dynamic color-changing functionalities.

220V LED waterproof batten lights: These lights directly utilize 220-volt alternating current (AC) voltage (which may vary in different countries and regions, such as 110V or 127V), eliminating the need for an external transformer and simplifying the installation process, reducing costs and wiring complexity. These batten lights are more suitable for industrial lighting, outdoor long-distance illumination, large-scale architectural outline lighting, and other applications requiring higher power and long-distance layout. Due to the direct connection to high-voltage electricity, these lights have higher requirements for insulation and waterproofing to ensure safety and durability.

What is Tri-proof LED Batten?

Tri-proof LED Batten, also known as tri-proof light or waterproof LED batten, is a type of linear lighting fixture designed for robust and durable use in harsh environments. The term "tri-proof" refers to its three main protective features: water-resistant, dustproof, and impact-resistant. These lights are typically enclosed in sturdy housings made from materials like polycarbonate or aluminum, with seals that provide ingress protection (commonly rated IP65, IP66, or even IP67), making them suitable for outdoor applications, industrial settings, warehouses, food processing plants, parking garages, and areas where moisture, dust, or physical impacts are common.

Can LED waterproof batten lights be customized in length?

Yes.Regarding length, the light strip is available in 2FT/4FT/5FT options, and it can also be trimmed or linked according to needs to accommodate different sizes of spaces.

Do LED lights get hot?

LED lights produce very little heat compared to traditional incandescent or halogen lights. While LEDs do generate some heat, the heat is dissipated through a heat sink located at the base of the LED light. LED lights are much more energy-efficient because they convert a higher percentage of energy into light rather than heat.

What are the available colors for LED waterproof batten lights?

Cool White: Typically refers to LED batten lights with a color temperature between 5000K and 6500K, emitting bright, crisp light that closely resembles natural daylight, suitable for environments such as factories, warehouses, tunnels, offices, malls, schools, and hospitals that require high-brightness illumination.

Warm White: With a color temperature ranging from approximately 2700K to 3500K, warm white LED batten lights emit a warm, cozy yellowish light similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, suitable for residential environments such as bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Neutral White / Natural White: Falling between cool white and warm white, with a color temperature ranging from approximately 3500K to 4500K, neutral white LED batten lights produce light that is neither too cool nor too warm, appearing more natural and harmonious, suitable for a variety of living spaces and commercial lighting scenes.

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