Tunnel LED light fixture

Due to the semi-enclosed nature of tunnels, traditional tunnel lighting fixtures often suffer from energy wastage and ineffective illumination. In order to reduce tunnel operating costs, enhance lighting fixture efficiency, and ensure traffic safety, Tunnel LED lighting fixtures have become an indispensable part of today's tunnel lighting systems.


Tunnel LED lighting fixtures:Introduction

  • What are Tunnel LED lighting fixtures
  • Tunnel Light Current Situation and Pain Points
    • Significant disparity in illumination inside and outside the tunnel
    • High energy consumption
    • Outdated management methods
    • Challenges in intelligent transformation
  • Tunnel LED lighting scene requirements
    • Base lighting
    • Enhanced lighting
    • Day and night lighting
    • Emergency lighting
  • Tunnel LED lighting fixtures Energy-efficient design
  • Tunnel LED Lighting Fixtures Advantages
    • High Efficiency and Energy Saving
    • Long Lifespan
    • Uniform and Dimmable
    • Quick Start and Short Response Time
    • Good Color Rendering Performance
    • Seismic Performance and Environmental Adaptability
  • Tunnel LED Triproof Light Fixtures Specification
  • What is the purpose of tunnel lighting
  • Why are tunnel LED lights blue
  • Tunnel LED Batten fixtures installing Factors

What are Tunnel LED lighting fixtures?

"Tunnel LED lighting fixtures" are lighting fixtures specifically designed for tunnel illumination. They typically consist of components such as LED chips, module housings, heat sinks, and driving power supplies. The design of these fixtures is aimed at addressing the unique challenges of tunnel lighting, such as providing consistent brightness, ensuring durability against environmental factors like moisture and vibration, customizing specific explosion-proof features, and offering energy-efficient operation.

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Tunnel Light Current Situation and Pain Points:

Significant disparity in illumination inside and outside the tunnel: During the day, it's bright outside and dark inside, while at night, it's dark outside and bright inside, causing negative impacts on traffic flow, transportation, and operations.

High energy consumption: Continuous lighting for 24 hours without effective dimming control leads to energy waste.

Outdated management methods: Manual inspection methods require significant manpower and lack real-time monitoring of lighting conditions. In the event of a lighting system failure, timely intervention is not possible, severely affecting driving safety.

Challenges in intelligent transformation: Existing tunnels cannot be easily closed for construction, and there is a lack of simple and rapid intelligent transformation solutions.

Tunnel LED lighting scene requirements:

Base lighting: Basic tunnel lighting set up to meet safety requirements for driving when there is no natural light from outside the tunnel.

Enhanced lighting: Additional lighting near the tunnel entrances to adjust brightness and help drivers adapt to changes in light between inside and outside the tunnel, reducing the effects of glare.

Day and night lighting: Lighting provided both during the day and at night to ensure visibility and safety for drivers at all times.

Emergency lighting: Lighting provided in case of power failure in the normal lighting system, ensuring safe evacuation of personnel or continuation of work. This includes evacuation lighting, safety lighting, and backup lighting.

Tunnel LED lighting fixtures Energy-efficient design

LED lighting fixtures should be selected with reasonable parameters for tunnel lighting design, and multiple schemes should be compared. Through the economic and technical analysis of the entire life cycle, an economically reasonable and operationally energy-saving lighting scheme should be determined.

Customized LED lighting fixtures should be integrated into intelligent lighting control systems, especially tailored to reliable and reasonable dimming and energy-saving schemes based on factors such as traffic volume, external brightness changes, and local climate conditions.

For tunnels with low traffic volume or strong regular traffic patterns, environment parameter sensors can be customized for LED lighting fixtures to automatically sense environmental illuminance and traffic volume, automatically control the opening and closing of LED lighting fixtures, or adjust the brightness.

Tunnel LED Lighting Fixtures Advantages:

1. High Efficiency and Energy Saving: Tunnel LED fixtures utilize solid-state lighting technology with high photoelectric conversion efficiency, quickly converting electrical energy into light. Compared to traditional lighting methods, Tunnel LED lighting fixtures can save a significant amount of energy consumption, reducing energy costs.

2. Long Lifespan: Tunnel LED lighting fixtures have a longer lifespan, typically reaching tens of thousands of hours or more. This means that in tunnel lighting, Tunnel LED lighting fixtures are more durable, reducing the frequency of fixture replacement and maintenance costs.

3. Uniform and Dimmable: Tunnel LED lighting fixtures provide uniform light distribution, avoiding uneven brightness and light decay common in traditional fixtures. Tunnel LED lighting fixtures can also achieve adjustable brightness through dimming technology, allowing for adjustments to light intensity as needed.

4. Quick Start and Short Response Time: Tunnel LED lighting fixtures have a very short start-up time, almost instantly illuminating without the need for a warm-up process. The response time of Tunnel LED lighting fixtures is also short, allowing for quick adjustments to brightness and lighting effects.

5. Good Color Rendering Performance: Tunnel LED lighting fixtures can provide a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), making the lighting effect more realistic and clear. This helps drivers, pedestrians, and workers to identify objects, road signs, and materials in the tunnel, improving safety.

6. Seismic Performance and Environmental Adaptability: Customized Tunnel LED lighting fixtures have high seismic and vibration resistance, able to withstand vibrations and impacts that may occur in tunnels. LED fixtures can adapt to harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures and humidity.

LED lighting fixtures have advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, long lifespan, uniform and dimmable lighting, quick start, good color rendering performance, seismic resistance and environmental adaptability. These advantages make LED tunnel lights increasingly preferred in tunnel lighting systems, providing more efficient, safe, and comfortable lighting environments.

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Tunnel LED Triproof Light Fixtures Specification


Model Input voltage Watt Sensor Dimming


ZL-PSBLP20-2FT-CN AC110V or 230V 18w x x
ZL-PSBLP40-4FT-CN AC110V or 230V 36w x x
ZL-PSBLP60-5FT-CN AC110V or 230V 44w x x
ZL-PSBLP20-2FT-CS AC110V or 230V 18w 100% / 20% /OFF x
ZL-PSBLP40-4FT-CS AC110V or 230V 36w 100% / 20% /OFF x
ZL-PSBLP60-5FT-CS AC110V or 230V 44w 100% / 20% /OFF x
ZL-PSBLP20-2FT-CE AC110V or 230V 18w x >3hrs@3.6W
ZL-PSBLP40-4FT-CE AC110V or 230V 36w x >3hrs@3.6W
ZL-PSBLP60-5FT-CE AC110V or 230V 44w x >3hrs@3.6W
ZL-PSBLP20-2FT-CES AC110V or 230V 18w 100% / 20% /OFF >3hrs@3.6W
ZL-PSBLP40-4FT-CES AC110V or 230V 36w 100% / 20% /OFF >3hrs@3.6W
ZL-PSBLP60-5FT-CES AC110V or 230V 44w 100% / 20% /OFF >3hrs@3.6W
Note: x -No this function



Rated Power 18W 36W 44W
Install Surface Mount/Suspended/Linkable
Protection Rating IP65 IK08
Housing Polycarbonate
Optics Polycarbonate Milky Diffuser
Clips Polycarbonate or Stainless Steel
Connection Type Terminal Block 3 pin * 5.0mm2
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 40℃(Emergency version: 0℃ to 40℃)
Warranty 5 Years(battery for 1 year)
Dimming Option Microwave Sensor - 3 Stepped Version(100%-20%-OFF)
Emergency Option 3 Hours+ @3.6W - 3000mAh LiFePO4 Battery



Luminous Efficacy 110-140lm/w
CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
CRI >80
Beam Angle 120 degree



Input power Supply AC200-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Factor > 0.9
Lifespan@Ta25°(L70) 54,000 hours
Electrical Classification Class I
Package Dimensions 690*116*92mm 1280*116*92mm 1580*116*92mm

What is the purpose of tunnel lighting?

The purpose of tunnel lighting is to ensure the safety and visibility of workers, transporters, and pedestrians during operations and passage through tunnels.

Why are tunnel LED lights blue?

Tunnel LED lights can be customized to various colors, and blue-colored tunnel lighting fixtures can provide a calming and soothing effect, reducing eye fatigue during operations and passage.

What should you pay attention to when installing LED Batten fixtures in tunnels?

When installing LED Batten fixtures in tunnels, it's crucial to select fixtures designed specifically for tunnel environments, ensuring they can withstand high humidity, dust, and vibration with a high IP rating. Consideration should also be given to the brightness, light distribution, and color temperature of the fixtures to provide uniform illumination and minimize glare. Proper thermal management is essential to maintain optimal operating temperatures, and fixtures should be easy to clean and maintain to minimize disruption and long-term costs.



Why is LED lighting preferred for tunnel illumination?

LED lighting is preferred for tunnel illumination primarily due to its high energy efficiency, long lifespan, low maintenance costs, and ability to achieve precise light distribution control, which helps enhance driving safety inside the tunnel.

How do LED tunnel lights overcome "black hole" and "white hole" visual effects?

By using COMLED's intelligent dimming components, brightness is automatically adjusted based on the difference in light inside and outside the tunnel. Transition lighting is added at the entrance, and gradient lighting is set at the exit to reduce the visual impact caused by abrupt changes in light and alleviate both visual effects.

How is the heat dissipation issue of LED tunnel lights addressed?

Although LED fixtures produce less heat than traditional fixtures, effective heat dissipation is still necessary. COMLED typically employs heat sink designs, heat pipe technology, or fan-assisted heat dissipation systems to ensure that LED chip temperatures are controlled within a safe range, thus extending the fixture's lifespan.

How to ensure uniform illumination and reduce glare for LED tunnel lights?

COMLED utilizes high-quality optical lenses and reflector cups, along with properly spaced fixture placement, to ensure uniform light distribution. Precise optical design and lighting schemes are employed to prevent the formation of overly bright or dark spots.

What are the protection grade requirements for LED tunnel lights?

Due to the unique environment of tunnels, LED fixtures need to meet high protection grade requirements. COMLED can customize LED batten lights with protection grades such as IP65 or above to ensure dustproof and waterproof capabilities, enabling them to work stably in humid and dusty tunnel environments for an extended period.

What are the advantages of intelligent control for LED tunnel lights?

Intelligent control systems can automatically adjust lighting brightness based on traffic flow and weather changes, maximizing energy savings. Additionally, COMLED's intelligent sensing components enable remote monitoring and fault prediction, facilitating timely repairs to reduce traffic safety risks caused by lighting failures. Intelligent dimming by COMLED also extends the lifespan of fixtures, further reducing costs.

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